Monday, January 28, 2008

The Waiting Game

So since I heard from South Carolina Law and University of Richmond Law, I haven't heard much. I did receive a request to apply for a very prestigious scholarship for the University of Richmond Law School. If I get the scholarship I will get $25,000 per year for three years in scholarship money and on top of that I would be part of a class or seminar series that is lead by a Federal Circuit Judge of the state of Virginia. It would be an amazing opportunity to network with people that I hope to be working with in the future. If I get the scholarship, it is going to be hard to say no to Richmond!

As for everything else, its going great!


Melanie said...

scholarships are nice... i need some of those. but i'm just happy i'm not completely rejected! all smiles here though

Holly said...

Happy Birthday - Hope all is well!!
Love - Holly, Bentley and Jameson