Saturday, March 16, 2013

Alyssa's Baby Shower

It was a very busy week at work so I am just getting around to posting this...  

Here's the invite, I actually didn't make these, Angie did.  We went with a nautical theme because that's what the little guy's nursery will be.

We did a photo booth for Angie's shower and it was really fun, so I made this anchor as a prop for the photo booth.  We also got some sailor hats for people to wear.

Fab 5 in front of the anchor
We ended up hanging the anchor with some burlap twine, which I quickly became a fan of after this project, it's really strong and looks really cute.

I was in charge of dessert, per usual :) I decided to make Chai Latte Cupcakes because Alyssa is a fan of Chai and its a recipe that I have been wanting to test out for a while so it was the perfect opportunity.  To make these nautical, I made them into boats!

I was having so much fun being creative that I couldn't resist posting this to Instagram, even though the shower theme/details were a surprise for the Mama to Be. 

I started with lollypop sticks that I had left over from the cake pops at Amy's baby shower.  I used cute polka dot scrapbook paper cut into triangles, I punched two holes in each, thread the stick through and tied a red bow at the bottom.

24+ sails for cupcakes...

I also found these cute cupcake wrappers at TJ Maxx of all places, they were too cute to pass up!

These are the water bottle wraps that I designed.  I really like these because they are so easy, once you have the dimensions that you need you can change these up for any occasion.  Being so simple they really pull things together on a drink or food table and I think they look so much better than naked water bottles :)

Up next, favors...  We found a cute idea on Pinterest of using the mint flavored life savors as life preservers for a favor.  So we decided to use just normal snack size ziploc bags and I created a topper to staple on.
I am really proud of these because to challenge myself I created the chevron and striped patterns all on my own.  I couldn't really find any images that I liked online so I just went for it...

Banner!  I really liked the banner I made for Angie's Shower so I had to make one for Alyssa... I used the same stripes and chevron that I used on the favor bags.

We used the same burlap twine that we used to hang the anchor, keeping to the theme.

I made these boats for decoration, we ended up hanging some over the table with burlap twine, but of course I failed to get pictures of it!

For a game we decided on something that we could do as the shower happened.  We gave everyone bracelets with little blue pins on it, if you said the word baby, and someone caught you they got to take your pin.  At the end of the shower the person with the most pins got a prize!

I think it was a success!

We're so excited for Baby Kaldahl to join the Fab 5 Baby Club!  Can't wait to meet you soon kiddo!