Monday, January 30, 2012

Running (wo)Man

I am sure most of you have seen this picture, it has been floating around the internet for quite some time.  I've seen it on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, but every time I see it I laugh so loud because it is so true!  

I have never been a runner, I started skating when I was 12 and I should have started training (running/weights) then too because I was quite the overweight teenager but I thought that skating was enough.  I have stopped and started running programs multiple times over the past few years.  I decided I wanted to be a runner in 2009 and ran the Salt Lake 5K and the Race for the Cure.  That plan got derailed...

Last summer when I decided that I was ready for a change in my life, I recommitted myself to running.  I looked up some races, recruited a friend, and now I am running a half marathon and my friend is running a full marathon in April.  I've made it through a month of committed running.  34.2 miles this month!  Today while I was running I discovered that my easy jog is now at 11 min/mi, my run 10 min/mi, and my sprint pace is at 9 min/mi.  When I first started running regularly, I could not run for more than 5 minutes at an 11 min/mile pace and now that's the easy part of the run.  I am really excited for my official 12 week half marathon training program to start next week!

Here's to twice as many miles in February and actually looking as graceful as the top picture when I run!