Saturday, December 10, 2011


I am really good at starting things.  I have started to lose weight approximately 50 times over the last 10 years.  Each time I was into it, working out and eating like a crazy person.  Inevitably, things don't workout because I take it to such an extreme that it is not a sustainable way of life.  The past two weeks (see the post below) have been really challenging and that would normally be the point where I give up.

This time is different, I started to re-watch the Biggest Loser: Season 11, the one with my most favorite contestants ever.  I connect so much with Olivia and Hannah for some reason, probably because everything they say I could see myself saying if I were on that show.  Olivia talked about how she was always a good started but she never finished and how this time she was going to stand up and finish what she started.  She did (she won the show) and I am going to as well.  For a daily reminder I've written out the phrase "Stand up and FINISH what you STARTED" and put them up randomly around my house.  I also made this:

and it is now the background on my computer and my phone and my iPad.  That might be a little over kill but it's for sure reinforcing the goal.  I also joined the Christmas Challenge on Hannah and Olivia's blog: My Fitspiration {check it out, they have some cool prizes!}.  This goal WILL be reached in 2012.


Steph Revelli said...

Yay Hales!!! I'm proud of you :-)