Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 1 (sorta)

The sorta in the title refers to it not actually being a full week since I decided to go all out/hardcore into this journey.  Being the Type A personality that I am--I like things to be regular and since I knew I wanted to weigh in for the rest of the journey on Monday mornings (it just seems like the start of the week to me--probably all that school!)  I had to weigh in this morning.  That being said I didn't have high hopes for this first week because (1) I started halfway through the week; (2) in typical Haley fashion I gave myself a few treats on Monday and Tuesday that were definitely detrimental to the goal; (3) All of my earthly belongings were sent to Chicago so I couldn't move my things into my apartment this weekend--which I was counting on for some serious calorie burning and instead turned into a few too many calories in because I was mad and upset.  Needless to say this morning I was not to stoked to step on that scale and to my utter surprise I lost 4.5 pounds!

So I made my goal week 1 of losing weight.  I wasn't as successful as I would like to be with the treats so that is the goal this week.  Less treats more hikes--and hopefully when I get all my things on Friday I can get into a regular schedule--just in time to fly to Colorado Springs for National Team Camp!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! Good job! Keep it up!