Monday, April 18, 2011

Moab: Day 1

This past weekend while all our US Speedskating family were in Milwaukee for the Board Meetings, Jenny and I decided head south to Moab for some time away from "the city" {as my Kansan roomie calls it}, some warmth, and some hiking.  We drove down Friday morning and set up camp...

After we got everything all set up at our awesome campsite, we headed into Arches for some hiking--we planned out all the hikes in the park so that we could hit all of them in 2.5 days.  We knew this was a bit ambitious but since we got down to Moab and had our tent set up much earlier than we anticipated, we were thinking that it was possible.  

Jenny and I after we KILLED the Delicate Arch hike.  The map said 2-3 hours--we were up and back in 1:45

Doesn't Stan {my car} look so rugged?

This fire was a stumbling block for us the first night, it took an HOUR to get started but we got it going. It was the smokiest fire EVER but it cooked our hot dogs and marshmallows :)

Once it started to get dark, we had some little visitors... MICE--tiny guys who were very interested in our warm fire and food.  The mice lead to us sleeping in the CAR, we put down the seats in the back of my Ford Escape and plopped the air mattress in there and snuggled in--it was quite possibly the worst night of sleep I have ever experienced.  Jenny and I both slept 4 hours MAX and it was freezing but better than outside with the mice.  We tried to be outdoorsy and we did a good job until the rodents came...

Day 2 coming soon...