Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mood Changers

From my last post I think we can all see that the past couple of weeks have been quite challenging.  It continually amazes me that life can change so quickly from sucky to awesome.

Saturday I had to take the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam {MPRE}.  You have to get a qualifying score on the MPRE in order to sit for the Bar Exam, which unfortunately since I am approaching my final year in law school has become my life's focus.  This test is a little silly.  The test writers try to trick you and the questions are at least 2 paragraphs long and usually the answer is the one that is the most right {meaning there are multiple answers that are actually correct}.  I did not start studying until a few days before because that is what my friends who told have already taken the test told me would be sufficient.  Adding to the aforementioned life lesson learning, studying for the MPRE increased the stress.  Not only did I have the MPRE, but over the weekend I had to prepare to be "on-call" {you are for sure getting called on all week to discuss the readings} in Trust and Estates and take a pre-test for my Counterterrorism class.  Needless to say I was a ball of stress...

After the MPRE was over {I think I did ok, not totally confident}, I headed right to the rink to teach my little Learn to Skate classes.  I told my boss that I was going to be late due to the MPRE so I had someone covering my classes until I got there.  I ended up being a few minutes late, so I threw on my skates and got out to my kids.  Only half of them showed up so it made teaching them a whole lot easier--5 girls compared to 11 girls/boys, I'll take it any day!  I had a small break between classes so I did a quick email check before getting ready for my second class.  To my surprise there was an email about our Trusts and Estates class--it was cancelled all week!  That email immediately put a smile on my face and I really wanted to scream, because I really was dreading preparing for that class.  I finished teaching my classes {the second class was late--two sisters are my only students--and they were in a typical teenage mood--"I just can't do this waltz jump, today"}.  Since I didn't have to prep for class Jenny and I watched about 4 hours of Criminal Minds and then went out to dinner.  A perfectly relaxing Saturday--after the MPRE of course.

Sunday-- we decided to head to the rink to watch American Cup Finals to support our friends that were racing--we ended up spending all morning at the rink, then going home and having naps!

To get back to my original point--it's amazing how one day, for me Saturday--can change your entire mindset.  I went from mopey and feeling a little sorry for myself, to having an AMAZING few days--all because of the events of Saturday...