Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Synchronized Skating World Championships (picture overload)

I went to Synchronized Skating World Championships, April 8-11, 2010, with 7 girls that I skated with in high school and it was an awesome time!  It was great to see where synchro has come since I left the sport in 2007 and its fun to try to predict the trends for the next few years.  We'd been talking about starting an adult team here in Utah before we went to Worlds, but after it was almost a certainty!  We started planning music and getting choreography together, it's going to be an awesome team...  Here are some highlights of the weekend:
Haydenettes Short Program

Crystallettes Short Program

We LOVED Japan's dresses

This team skated to music from the Disney movie Jungle Book it was so cute!

Of course there was a MJ short program :)

We made USA Shirts for the second day of the competition...  They had rhinestones OBVIOUSLY!

Crystallettes Long Program

Half the team was cops and the other half were robbers, it was amazingly choreographed...

Haydenettes Long 

Final podium: Finland 1, Finland 2, USA 1

The last day in Colorado Springs we went to Garden of the Gods here are some of the pictures from that trip
Three Graces

Then we decided to take yoga pose pictures, here are a few of those:

Then we made the mom's take a picture:

We climbed in the rocks for a cute shot

Our Engagement Shot

Awesome frame of balanced rock with our fingers as a star...


Tom and Heather said...

How fun! You guys look super cute in your USA shirts. Glad it was a cool experience.