Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Synchro Skating Worlds!

Not many people know that I was a synchronized figure skater for 10 years and I still do some choreography with my friends I used to skate with who have small teams. So anyway, I high school skating was my thing, I didnt spend too much time at school so my high school friends are the ones that I skated with. We are all getting older (most of us are married and some have kids) and we dont really get together as much as we should! When I was off skating at Michigan, we used to have a bi-annual reunion, one at Christmas and one over the summer.

Anyway, Synchro Worlds are in Colorado Springs, CO this year and we all decided that it would be fun to go! I can't tell you how exciting this is, (1) because Worlds is AWESOME and (2) because we all get to go together. Colorado Springs holds special signifcance for me because that is where I started skating, and where I competed at my first Nationals (with the Ice Angelzz) and my last nationals (with Michigan Collegiate)...

All there is to do now is wait until April!

Here are some pics of when I skated the first one is at nationals my Senior year (I am in the very front line (of 3) farthest right)

And this one is from Nationals my Junior year, I again am in the front :) (that is my "yearning" face and arm :))