Monday, September 28, 2009

St. George Girls Trip

This weekend some of my girlfriends and I went down to St. George to see Aida at Tuacahn... Nicole's parents have a condo down there so we stayed at the condo, laid out in the sun on Saturday morning/afternoon (of course I watched the Michigan game--GO BLUE) and then went to the play on Saturday night. Some of us came home early on Sunday (I did because I had so much homework to do)

Photos from the condo:

Red rocks on the way to Tuacahn:

The beautiful stage and the canyon behind...

The girls:

Tasha, Michelle, Amy and Brooke

Me, Tasha, Michelle, and Amy

Nicole, all by herself :( (we had one seat that was all alone so Nicole sat there first and then Michelle switched with her at Intermission (or halftime as we were calling it))