Monday, April 6, 2009


Since the high tomorrow is supposed to be 70 degrees, I decided it was time to inform everyone of my summer plans...

I will be working at the Utah Olympic Park for one more summer (you've all heard that before right?!).  It's just too good of a job to pass up right now.  I get to do what I want and it's really easy.  Plus I have a job for the school year next year so I don't have to stress about that or paying tuition because that is what my job pays!  I am really excited about that so now all I have to do is make enough money to live through the summer and save some!

I do have on trip planned already.  I am going to Ann Arbor May 28-June 3rd to hang out with Emily and Ryan.  Allison is going to come up from Ohio (her birthday is that weekend) so we can all have a mini reunion!  I miss Ann Arbor a ton, but I am not sure if it is the place or the people, I am pretty sure its the people and the carefree college life that I lived!

Cassie and I are thinking about going down to help my parents move from South Carolina to Florida but we will see if that happens, our summers are filling up quite quickly.  The Fray is coming July 18th, so we are definitely going to that, and then Chuck and Brittnie are getting married July 25th!  So that is two Saturdays gone in July...  Alyssa and Rob are getting married August 15th and by then school starts again!

I am excited for it to be WARM again!