Tuesday, September 2, 2008

St George

This past weekend I went to St George with some friends and we had an amazing time!  It really was something that I needed in my life.  We left Friday night and got down to Nicole's parent's condo/house around midnight.  

The next day we were going to get up early and go to Zions to go on a hike, but we slept until 11!!  So we just went to the pool and laid out there, it was like 104 degrees it was amazing (hopefully we can go down there this winter when its 2 degrees outside!).  So we just bummed around a lot is what it comes down to and we had some great talks.  We went shopping one day and went to church with Nicole's grandma who was so super cute!  

Basically, we had a really stress-free weekend just talking and hanging out, mostly watching 90210 and doing experiments with mace.

I'm super happy that I went and got to spend some time with some great people! (Thanks Nicole, Tasha, and Michelle)