Friday, December 21, 2007

LSAT Score

The bobsled session for tonight was canceled due to extreme winds (65 mph plus) and the biggest snow storm of the season. So I left work at 6:15 and got home at 10:15...4 hours of driving for what usually takes at tops 30 minutes. So I get home after driving all that time I check my e-mail and there is an email from the LSAC SCORE and the subject line says "Your December 1, 2007 LSAT Score" and I freaked out! I checked the email and the score was...164!! 12 points higher than my first try!! I am so excited and now I need to go to bed!

Good things are coming!!


Melanie said...

AMAZING SCORE!!!!!! I'm JEALOUS!! Wanna trade me? You're a shoe in at Vandy if that's your #1 still...