Tuesday, May 8, 2012

24/30: Family Dynamic

Describe your family dynamic from your childhood v. your family dynamic now.

I had a great childhood, today when I was out for my run I remembered the simple things that made it so great.  Catching lightening bugs at my grandparents house.  Hanging out with my brothers and cousins, playing outside all day.  Our family has always been pretty independent.  We all had our own sports or activities and we were always all going different directions.  Sometimes it was like we are all members of the same team and less like a family.  I always knew/know that my parents loved/love me and it was always felt in our home, but it was never overtly stated in sweeping terms.  I had all the support that I needed to succeed and the discipline to know that I had to work for things that I wanted.

Now it's pretty much the same, we're all spread out across the globe, my parents live in Scotland for the remainder of the year and my brothers live in Orlando.  The rest of our family is scattered across Tennessee and Mississippi.  I still talk to my mom every day and I call my dad for advise all the time.