Thursday, October 9, 2008

6 Insignificant Things About Me

Erin tagged someone named Haley on her blog to write 6 insignificant things about themselves that you didn't know before, I am going to assume that it was me, even though it probably wasn't...

1.  When I am reading cases for school, I like to line up my highlighters-standing,  in the order in which I normally use them: pink, green, yellow/blue, yellow/blue, orange...My friend Elin likes to come by and knock them down.

2.  I really like to online shop, mostly during class...

3.  My favorite dessert is Pecan Pie, but I cannot make it for the life of me...I tried and exploded it all over the oven, I do make killer Chocolate Chip cookies, but I don't really like to eat them, probably because I bake them at least once a week to give away to other people :)

4.  I am a list maker.  I like to make lists and check things off, so much that I make little check boxes on my lists so that I can check the things off...  Currently, I am making lists for the shopping I need to do after school, and what I need to pack to go to Blanding this weekend, and I have a to-do list in my iCal, of my assignments

5.  I love to scrapbook.  I like to take pictures and make sure that I remember the things in my life that I am bound to forget about it and I'll want to remember someday!  (Thanks to Steph for the Friday of Scrapbooking we did last week, I got a third of the way more caught up!) 

6.  I really like fine point pens because I have worked hard for very neat handwriting my whole life and fine point pens really show that off!

There they are, I tag: Cassie, Steph, Emily, Heather, Katie Bahr, and whomever else wants to give it a go!